Analogue/Digital – Melbourne – 17 May

A/D Day 2 began with Feature Artists: CJ Hendry, Mr. Penfold and Meggs – I was admittedly pretty keen to see this, particularly  as it was the first time I had had an opportunity to hear Meggs speak after his relocation to San Francisco.  This session complemented the Next Gen session of yesterday – allowing creatives to learn what can come of hard work, sacrifice and following your dreams.  These talks would have provided food for thought for a number if people in the room – CJ Hendry sold her entire wardrobe to have 12 months off work, study, everything, to pursue her dream.  Now, she is killing it with a US show scheduled for later this year and sell out shows here in Australia.


After lunch, we were luckily enough to hear from multi-award winning motion design agency Breeder who had a very interesting presentation, a lot of which they had used snapchat to present which was random but a great way to grab the attention of the audience.  They also shared several of their works (including a starting sequence for HBOs ‘True Detective). Rhys from ‘The Company You Keep’ and Supervixen also talked about their creative and design processes and a number of lessons learnt along the way. This session would have been particularly interesting for those planning a career in graphic or motion design (hint: far less people are studying motion design equaling far less competition when it comes to job prospects!)


After a quick break, it was time for Field Trip.  For this Field Trip, Supervixen actually showed the audience a breakdown of their initial pitch to final delivery of the film clip for the ‘Jagwar Ma’ music video ‘Man I Need’.  This presentation was inclusive of including a member if the audience in an ‘Analogue Digital’ edit, created during the session. Whilst at times this was confusing for someone who has never touched photoshop, the overall affect was awesome!  The presentation was frank, open and honest, and Supervixen shared everything including budgets and profits.  The Supervixen guys were exceptionally generous with their time and were funny and entertaining.

As I mentioned yesterday I have never been to A/D or anything else like it.  It was awesome.  I would highly recommend attending in the future if you have considered it and were not 100% sure. I’m not an artist, I’m not a designer, I don’t even see myself as a creative, but I still took a huge amount away from the conference.  Not only this, it is a great opportunity to meet people who are huge in their industry (as well as those who are on the ground floor.)  After each section the Q and A allows people to chat wth the presenters, and if you are too nervous to ask in front of the group, walk down the front after that and these big names are standing there, willing to chat.  The opportunities that this can present are endless.

Looking forward to Sydney and Adelaide later in the year!  Thanks A/D!