Analogue/Digital – Melbourne – 16 May 2014

Analogue/Digital is a two day event featuring 6 sessions, 15 presenters, a world class gallery show, a fully sponsored after party (18+) and a epic line up of artists, designers, creatives, next generation leaders and three amazing company founders.

Each presentation is projected in HD onto one of Melbourne’s biggest screens with full Dolby 7.1 Audio.

Having never been to anything like this before, I approached the event with great trepidation.  What is it going to be like?  I don’t know anyone…  What do I do?  Where do I sit?  But, in a typical fashon that I have come to expect from the art community in Australia, I was welcomed with open arms (literally!) when I hit the awesome Mr. Penfold show held at the Just Another Project Space in Prahan.


Mr.  Penfold clearly is not here for a holiday, he has put on two shows (Brisbane and Melbourne) is presenting at both Brisbane and Melbourne A/D shows and, in his spare time is painting up a storm in Melbourne, having completed a wall and another collaboration with Mysterious Al.


The fist session at A/D was the ‘Next Gen’ artists – Carla McRae, Loretta Lizzio and Sam Yong.  All three talked about their backgrounds, how they got to where they are now including how hard they have worked, their trials and tribulations, and shared a number of inspirational words with the audience.  Personally, this session was the highlight of the day, a lot of what they shared was not only applicable to the creative world, but life in general.  These guys are going to be epic, so certainly check them out now!


Post lunch, everyone was ready for an afternoon siesta (the seats are very comfortable!), but there was so much more to discuss!  Presentations by Creative boutiques, ‘We Buy your Kids’, Zann St. Pierre and SouthSouthWest opened the audience’s eyes to their creative processes, and the sheer amount of work that can go into an event.  Both WBYK and SouthSouthwest spoke in detail, and shared with the audience the process that they went through working on ‘The Bamboos” album and film clip (WBYK) and NIke (SouthSouthwest).  This was great as they were able to show cradle to grave concepts and finished products – it is amazing what can be accomplished in a short perod of time when it needs to be!



The final session of the day was ‘Creative Companies’: Matthew Coyte, editor and publisher ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine, Luke from ‘Romance was Born’ and Hans Christian Oren from ‘Oh Yeah Studio’.   Each presentation was slightly different – Matthew speaking about the background of ‘Rolling Stone’ and the way ahead as part of the digital age, Hans focussed on recent work he has done, particularly that of a non-profit variety (of which he is a strong advocate for) and Luke spoke about ‘Romance was Born’ collaborations and how these have come about.  Each talk appeared to resonate with the audience in various ways and provided robust discussion in the Q and A session at the end of the day.