Buff Monster – Melty Misfits Series 2


Today marks the launch of Buff Monster’s Kickstarter campaign to raise The Melty Misfits Series 2. After the huge success of the first series, it’s time for seconds. This new set of trading cards/stickers is going to be even more ambitious than the first: featuring over 40 new characters, new Kickstarter-exclusive packaging, and hopefully some new awesome inserts like foil cards and lenticulars.


Having already done a first series of the cards, we know how much time and money it takes to make a project like this a reality. The first series was self-funded, but through Kickstarter the second is going to be more publicly involved with crowd-funding.


Obviously Buff is very active on social media, but backers will also get tons of exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and info. There are also a whole heap of rewards on offer for pledging fans (both physical and experiential!) that have never offered before, including studio visits – you can rock out with Buff to heavy metal while he casts mini monsters in the lab, get a Buff Monster original painting, or even take a trip to tour the factory in Vermont where all the Melty Misfits are made.


More info about The Melty Misfits is available at www.meltymisfits.com