PangeaSeed x POW! WOW! Hawaii

Those lovely ocean-conscious chaps over at PangeaSeed made this awesome video at POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014. Featuring 3 amigos, Skinner, Spencer Keeton-Cunningham and Aaron Glasson, you can check out the fully finished Sea Wall mural, as well as a few cats like Ron English and Apex diving with sharks on the day out that the PangeaSeed crew organised.

More jump off after the jump off…

Full Mural 2

The mural depicts Hawaiʻian folklore, reef eco-systems, and a critique of pollution and the pineapple industry. With Sea Walls, the mission is simple: By collaborating with a global alliance of incredibly talented artists, PangeaSeed aims to bring the beauty of the oceans to inner cities around the world.

Spencer Paint

The aim is to make people aware of the connection between their daily consumption choices and lifestyle habits and the effect those have on our planet’s most important ecosystem.

Mural 4

Follow the latest action PangeaSeed is taking on their website and social media pages. You can also sponsor a “Sea Walls” project in your community!

Spencer Roll

For more information on Sea Walls, check out: