Surplus Candy

So, we just managed to get hold of some exclusive snaps of a one-night-only total takeover of an abandoned building in New York.

RRosa Surplus Candy-29

A team of artists worked for a week in secrecy to put together this immersive exhibition in Manhattan, there’s something here for everyone, from slaps to rap tags to stencils and more…

More jump off after the jump off…

Organised by Banksy-parody artist, Hanksy, the show included over 40 artists, all coming together to turn the space in Alphabet City into a temporary gallery.

If you blinked, then you missed work from: 2ESAE, ACID, Alice Mizrachi, ASVP, B.D. White, Bishop203, Bludog10003, CB23, Cern, Col Wallnuts, Dee Dee, Dick Mama, Dred, Drippings, edapt, EKG, El Sol 25, Elizabeth Glaessner, ELLE, Enzo and Nio, Foxx Face, Gilf, Hanksy, Icy and Sot, KOSBY, Left Hand Wave, Lunar New Year (LNY), Magda Love, Mata Ruda, Moustache Man, MRS, Mr Toll, MrTwoThree, NDA, Never Satisfied, Nicolas Holiber, OCNSM, Roycer, Russell King, SKI, Tako, Tone Tank, Tony DePew, TheDRIF, TRAP, UR New York, Vulpes Vulpes, Wizard Skull Wretched Beast.

RRosa Surplus Candy-13

RRosa Surplus Candy-45

RRosa Surplus Candy-49
RRosa Surplus Candy-274

RRosa Surplus Candy-268

RRosa Surplus Candy-265

RRosa Surplus Candy-222

RRosa Surplus Candy-213

RRosa Surplus Candy-212

RRosa Surplus Candy-206

RRosa Surplus Candy-204

RRosa Surplus Candy-203

RRosa Surplus Candy-197

RRosa Surplus Candy-189

RRosa Surplus Candy-160

RRosa Surplus Candy-148

RRosa Surplus Candy-139

RRosa Surplus Candy-127

RRosa Surplus Candy-110

RRosa Surplus Candy-94

RRosa Surplus Candy-76

RRosa Surplus Candy-67

Images courtesy Reynaldo Rosa –