Daze – Indigo Dreams


Sleazy, gritty underbelly pretty much sums up the overall theme of Daze’s work. No surprise, really, coming from one of the kings of New York’s subway spraypaint scene.

His work can be seen in modern art collections all over the world; MOMA New York, the Brooklyn Museum, Groninger Museum in the Netherlands and the Ludwig Museum in Germany.

Daze remains true to his roots and still lives and works in NYC, depicting some of the characters he sees around him in his paintings:

“The Big Boss is a character I created some years ago but keeps returning from time to time. He’s a composite of an organized crime figure, CEO of a Fortune 500 company, politician, and stand up comedian. He’s a shot caller, big fish in an even bigger pond, a man with an insatiable appetite. He’s at the pinnacle of his success, monarch of all he surveys.”

His solo show opens Thursday, Jan 9th at Toy Tokyo Underground Gallery, 91 Second Ave, Manhattan, from 6-9pm.

Get over to Daze’s blog on 12ozProphet, you can also follow him on Instagram @dazeworldnyc