Amanda Marie – I Was Just Thinking

White Walls present the first solo exhibition in San Francisco by American painter and stencil artist, Amanda Marie. Amanda plays with stencils and paint to place evocative characters in her work. The childlike illustrations explore deeper, more sophisticated themes of sexuality, envy, elation and greed.


Drawing on illustrations and characters that reference popular mid-20th century children’s books, Amanda has appropriated these ideals of an Americana childhood to her own contemporary devices. Playing with the notions of wholesome American innocence, her characters are then lifted out of context into a surreal state of stasis, dislocating them from their comfortable surroundings.

For more information on Amanda, visit her site:

Follow Amanda on Instagram: @seeyouthroughit.

Opening Reception – Saturday, January 11, 7-11pm

at White Walls, 886 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94109