The boys and girls at RVCA recently hit Hawaii to wrap up their RVCAloha project, featuring Dmote and Remio.


More jump off after the jump off…

Other notables present were self-confessed surf nut, Barry Mcgee, Kelsey Brookes, Dmote, Remio, Kevin Ancell, Keegan Gibbs, Estevan Oriol, Norm, Danny Fuller, David Choe, Julian Schnabel, Herbie Fletcher, Makua Rothman, Katch, ASAP Yams, YG, B.J. Penn, Mike Miller and more.


RVCA spent 6 weeks in Hawaii overall, they also brought out their surf, skate and art teams. Head honcho, PM Tenore embodies the RVCA motto of, “balance of opposites”, also bringing out a bunch of photographers and videographers to capture the action.


Working with Jasper Wong and the rest of the POW! WOW! Hawaii crew, the guys created some fresh murals in Honolulu, which included new walls with Dmote, Remio and Katch, sponsored by Montana Cans.


The event also spanned the 2013 Billabong Pipe Masters on the North Shore, where first place was scooped by Kelly Slater, whilst Mick Fanning took out the World Championships.


For more images and videos, visit www.rvca.com/b/post/rvcaloha