Wonderwalls Wollongong

Wonderwalls Wollongong 2013 officially kicks off this Friday night.


More jump off after the jump off…

Artists that will be in Wollongong painting are: Smug, Askew, Shida, Wonderlust, Adnate, Vans the Omega, Phibs, Fintan Magee, Two One, Beastman, Numskull, Roach, Scott Marsh, Thomas Jackson, Pudl, Jae Copp, Bafcat, Idiot, Syke, Trait and a special appearance of the Ironlak family including Linz, Sofles, Reals, Sirum and Treas.


Stupid Krap are hosting the launch exhibition on Friday, kicking off a weekend of talks, pop-ups and murals from artists and supporters.


For more details, visit: www.wonderwallsfestival.com