Two Mexicans x Dia de Los Muertos

Two Mexicans x Dia de Los Muertos is an exhibition of contemporary limited edition prints and original drawings on paper, by Mexican/Australian artist Alejandro Martinez–Peque and Mexican artist Salvador Rodriguez–Chava.


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This exhibition is a project by Urban Curatorial, sponsored by Alpha House Gallery, Tequila Milagro Australia, Montana Colours Australia and Newtown urban art supplies shop 567 King. The intention of the organizers is that this represents the beginning of an ongoing initiative to connect practicing artists in Sydney and in Guadalajara and to collaborate with arts groups and organisations in both cities in order to facilitate meaningful and ongoing arts and cultural exchanges.

The larger context is to promote Mexican arts and culture in Sydney, to raise awareness and understanding of Mexican cultural traditions and contemporary life beyond the popular, commercialized iconography and Aus/Mex food that is becoming so much a part of our cosmopolitan Sydney experience.