The Jaunt with Amanda Marie

The Jaunt have just announced their first international and female artist participant. Living and working in Colorado, USA, Amanda Marie will be on a transatlantic flight towards Glasgow, Scotland.

Featured in VNA issue 21, Amanda’s graphic stencil artwork has a distinctive look and feel. A combination of nostalgia and storybook style imagery, is paired with her smart and subtle surreal feel. The imagery that draws you in quickly keeps your interest. Her work has not gone unnoticed with recent and upcoming exhibitions at Stroke, Moniker Art Fair, Scope, The Garage and White Walls Gallery. Needless to say, Amanda Marie is killing it. Scotland, the land of bagpipes, gingers and lake monsters. The land where the price of a castle is the same as a New York apartment. And oddly enough the land where the national animal is actually a unicorn. But also the land of rich history and beautiful scenery amongst the many lakes and out stretched nature. Glasgow, the largest city of Scotland, is an industry city by heart but one with a modern and cultural pulse. The cultural pulse can be found at the Glasgow School of Art, the prestigious art school originally designed and built by architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. A true landmark in the city and still one of the leading art schools in the United Kingdom. We’re looking forward to seeing what Amanda Marie will be taking home from her trip.

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VNA Issue 21 featuring an interview with Amanda Marie