The Lazarides team have put together their annual off-site exhibition, a sensory feast only suitable for the brave and forward thinking.

“BRUTAL explores the brutality of the times we live in, how this is reflected in the objects around us and our perception of the world. With a chilling new central London location for this year’s creative carnage, the roster of artists are set to produce their most brutal works to date, incorporating installation, sculpture and film bigger and bolder than ever before.”

Housed in an abandoned building on 180 The Strand, with work from Antony Micallef, Ben Woodeson, Brad Downey, Bill McRight, Cleon Peterson, Conor Harrington, DALeast, Doug Foster, Estevan Oriol, James Lavelle, Katrin Fridriks, Karim Zeriahen, Know Hope, Lucy McLauchlan, Mark Jenkins, Miaz Brothers, Pose, Robert Hylton, Sebastian Horsley and Todd James.

This is one not to miss and runs from 15th – 27th October, 12-9pm. You can book your place here. If you still need persuading check out these brilliant photos from

Conor Harrington IMG_6152_1200_Brutal_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2013

Conor Harrington

Cleon Peterson IMG_6084_1200_Brutal_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2013

Cleon Peterson

Pose IMG_6109_1200_Brutal_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2013


Lucy IMG_5363_1200_Brutal_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2013

Lucy McLauchlan

More after the drop

Know Hope IMG_5570_1200_Brutal_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2013

Know Hope

Estevan Oriol IMG_6010_1200_Brutal_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2013

Estevan Oriol

Doug Foster IMG_6149_1200_Brutal_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2013

Doug Foster

Micallef IMG_5717_1200_Brutal_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2013

Antony Micallef

Mark Jenkins IMG_5684_1200_Brutal_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2013

Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins IMG_5662_1200_Brutal_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2013

Mark Jenkins

Dal East IMG_4861_1200_Brutal_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2013

Dal East

Ben Woodeson IMG_5622_1200_Brutal_Photo_©_Ian_Cox_2013

Ben Woodeson