Win AJ Fosik SOLD OUT Print

AJ Fosik recently released this unique embossed print which draws inspiration from his famed sculpture work. The print is now sold out but Fosik has kindly offered one as a prize to one of you lucky VNA readers.

Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 13.16.43

Can you tell us a little about your latest print. What was the inspiration behind the character?

I was spending too much time at the OTB and had a bad string of luck with the ponies, this whole print thing is really just a way to pay off my book.

The print is really quite unique in that it’s an embossed piece. Have you done this before?

No it’s a first for me. I was looking for a good way to translate my sculptures to paper and I found this guy who hand carves these amazing brass embossing dies. It’s really a dying art, this type of carving, mostly it’s done by CNC these days, so working with this guy was a great stroke of luck.

embossing plate

Can you talk us through the process that was used to create the work.

The prints are a three part process, first an initial color is lithographed then the brass die I just mentioned is heated and put into a massive press that creates the embossing, and finally I finished each one by hand spraying on the final gold color.

Did you make the embossing tool yourself?

I wish, that kind of metal working is definitely a 10,000 hour skill.

The print sold out in no time, which you must be stoked about. Is there plans for any more editions in the future?

Yes I’m going to do something again, I’m not sure if it will be an embossing again or something else. I do like the idea of doing another dimensional paper print, I have a few ideas I’m looking into. Plus you know, the ponies.

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To win this sold out print, just SHARE the Facebook link which promotes the competition. Winners will be selected at random on 19th September and contacted via Facebook.