Wax Wars – Battle 6 – feat. Sprinkles

The mighty Crown St. Cut Collective, in partnership with Rane and Shure, present Wax Wars Quarter Final 2 at Name This Bar, this Thursday night, featuring DJ MIGZ vs HEAVY HANDS from 8-12pm.


More jump off after the jump off!

The battle follows last week’s big heat, featuring the work of Australian all-star, Alex Lehours. The one-man army slammed out some hard-hitting hip hop references when he dropped a characteristically stylised portrait of Biggie.


Drop down to see the turntable talents of DJ Mark N (DMC 1997 NSW Technics DJ Champion) doing a special all-wax trick set on the 1’s n 2’s, alongside the usual talent of the boy wonder, Reubix, and Sydney bad-boy, Klevakutz.


This week’s battle also sees the mixed breeds of Maori and Chinese working their magic, with Sprinkles’ work, combining cultures and creations across an arsenal of different mediums. Heavily influenced by tattooing, he actively practices his skills on flesh from all over the globe, but is equally at home wielding a spray-can or texter.

Vibrant, engaging and intriguing, his work has featured in tattoo magazines and exhibitions all over the world, from walls to skin and beyond. Well-respected with a needle or a can, he is fast-becoming a much sought-after man.


Sprinkles work looks at the multiple faces we can find within ourselves, opening up ideas of family, tradition, heritage and spirituality. His work continues to grow in strength, style and ability, constantly evolving and renewing itself in a way that echoes the bonds we make and break every day.



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Photo’s courtesy of Alex Lehours, Sprinkles and Big Rig NZ