Mighty Paint Parties at The Hub

Nothing goes better with live art than beer, a party and live music. One such event which combines all these is The Mighty Paint Party, at creative Tottenham based space ‘The Hub’. Pen StClair caught up with the guys behind them to find out a little bit more.

Behind the suitably covert facade of a grubby industrial doorway lies The Hub, a seventh heaven for artists and musicians alike which has gradually morphed into a haven of creative collaboration and activity, especially when their famous Mighty Paint Parties takes place.

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“The Mighty Paint Parties are something Harry Yeff, aka beatboxer Reeps One, and I, dreamed up,” explains Josh Whitehouse, who lives and works at The Hub. “Instead of just having any old party, we chose a name, a theme and a logo so the parties could run as official events. Harry and I decide which artists we’d like to invite,” continues Josh, “ they have to be people we can trust to make interesting work and they come from all over the country. Then we thrash out which musicians we would like and begin making calls. Usually,” he continues, “ others hear about it and start asking if they can come too.” Fortunately, The Hub is next door to a blind factory, so the boys make use of unwanted rolls of canvas, draping great swathes of it over the walls inside.

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“From 6pm until midnight we have painting with a DJ providing the music. Around midnight the first band comes on, usually acoustic, while the artists are finishing off their work. Around 2am we bring in the beatboxers and rappers, building into a crescendo through the night with the ‘heaviest’ band last. We wind down towards 7am, when everyone has to go home,” beams Josh.

“It’s the Mighty Paint Parties that draw the crowds,” contributes Tim, “they have all been pretty special events. At the last one we had a group of incredible musicians here performing too; The Beatbox Collective, Joe Driscoll, Dizraeli, Ruby Wood from Submotion Orchestra came, then of course we had Reeps One and Josh’s band More Like Trees! Video companies come along to film the event; last time Mohitt Joshi (www.mostyles.co.uk) and ‘Spraying Bricks’ came to document the party. At the end of it all, the walls are covered with really cool artwork that is promoted across The Hub’s collective networks; you can take a peep at some of them if you follow the links.”

by digeneration films

by Spraying Bricks

More information about future Mighty Paint Parties can be found here. and More Like Trees new album ‘Roots, Shoots & Leaves’ is out now on BBE Records

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