‘Empty-Nursery Blue’ – Adrian Doyle

So, there’s been a few small controversies blowing up on social networking sites this week (and it’s only Tuesday). If we can skip over celebrity facial reactions to Miley Cyrus twerking with her tongue out and the relatively insignificant matter of the US-funded chemical weapons in Syria, we arrive at the gravity of the situation that is Adrian Doyle’s ‘Empty-Nursery Blue’.

hosed-down lane 2

More jump off after the jump off!

Painting the whole of Rutledge Lane baby-blue, the Melbourne-based artist explores powerful themes such as the pain of having parents that couldn’t afford to buy him a decent beard trimmer and the anguish of seeing mummy have to work 5 days a week.

Doyle explains: ‘I began to play with the idea of creating a colour that represents my childhood and my suburban experiences. Was it possible to create a colour that could capture that kind of experience?’


This raises some key questions such as, ‘Does anyone care?’ and ‘Who is most likely to want to punch Adrian in the face at the next free-beer Thursday?’

In all seriousness, it’s just a buffed alleyway and this is clearly a rather contrived attempt at controversy from a conceptual perspective. The fact that it’s blue, not white or grey, and a self-proclaimed artist did it, rather than the council, is the only real thing that sets it aside from the norm.

hosed-down lane

Is it really such a down-time for real news that this is hitting headlines? Are any self-respecting can-rattlers really that fussed about an overplayed tourist spot in the middle of Melbourne? And why, for the love of all that is good and holy, has Ian Strange’s epic, explorative project across the road not achieved such high-profile press interest?

Images and quotes stolen from Adrian Doyle and various other lo-res sources as we were too lazy/broke to go and investigate for ourselves.