Wax Wars – Battle 5 – feat. Alex Lehours

Sydney’s finest DJ scratch battle, Wax Wars, swings into it’s 5th phase this Thursday at Name This Bar. This week sees Alex Lehours painting live while Clockwerk and Zero slug it out for a chance at the title.


More jump off after the jump off!

Last week saw Jamie Preisz, aka The Dirt, slaying it with MTN paints and the first use of an airbrush in his live artwork.


As with all the other pieces, The Dirt’s canvas will be up for sale at the end of the series with a show of featuring all 8 of the completed artworks.


Alex Lehours weighs in with some of his trademark pop-art powermoves, painting live from 8pm when DJ’s Klevakutz, Reubix and Morgz hammer out the warm-up. The Sydney-based artist, whose work combines montages of comic book imagery alongside bold typography.


Lehours will be stirring up the hornet’s nest with fresh, clean graphics inspired by kitsch culture and his own take on the all-American dream. He has an extensive and ever-expanding client-base and currently has a new print out with Ben Frost’s Stupid Krap.


He is equally at home driving a spray-can, marker, or mouse and other art heads will recognise him as a Secret Walls artist from the Sydney series. Expect fast cars, fast women and fast penmanship from Alex, while the DJ’s drop some fast cuts, get down early to get your spot in the crowd.