Wax Wars – Battle 3 – feat. Bei Badgirl

The second instalment of Sydney’s Wax Wars DJ scratch battle turned up the heat with the man like KON stepping up to the canvas. This week we have Bei Badgirl going in for the girls.


More jump off after the jump off!

Migz vs Scratchnuts, went head to head last week with Migz blazing through in a trail of glory. This week sees Zero challenge Mat Wonder on the turnies with back-up from Frenzie and a scratch showcase from Klevakutz and Reubix.


The King Of Nothing head honcho wreaked havoc on the canvas, with his trademark characters popping off the fabric.


Big ups the the MTN Australia crew for their continued support, you can see more of KON’s work here:



Recently graduating from the University of Sydney, Bei Badgirl already has a huge international following, with a massive fan-base in central Asia. Her candy-pop Kawaii cuteness extends throughout her entire life; always immaculately turned out in Harajuku style, she fully practices what she preaches.


Don’t drop your guard to powder-pink façade though, Bei’s work carries potent notions of sex and excess, addiction and infatuation. Her unhealthy obsession with mermaids and underwater fantasy is prevalent in her everyday life and it’s not entirely unbelievable to think that she might even live in some kind of aquatic retreat.


Super-collectible, super cute and superbly tongue-in-cheek, BB’s hobbies include baking, watching cartoons, and luring many a good sailor to their doom with her mer-charms.



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