James Jarvis at Beach

James Jarvis returns to Beach London for a second solo exhibition ‘Objects in Space’ which consists of a series of large-format, freehand airbrush drawings by the London-based artist.

“The drawings all feature the Sphere, an abstracted, archetypal every-character, engaging with large geometric objects in a series of real-life urban environments. These locations are a selection of ‘spots’ made famous through skateboarding, and the character’s struggle to manipulate these objects mirrors the skateboarder’s re-appropriation and re-interpretation of architectural space. In recent years, the Sphere has been a primary focal point in Jarvis’ work; a distillation of his continued interest
in the creation and refinement of a minimal ‘ideal’ for a cartoon character; most significantly in his 2012 project, Spheric Dialogues, a series of 380 cartoons in which the Sphere responds to a series of philosophical conundrums.”

There will be an opening party on the 6th June, from 6-9pm. The exhibition will also see the re-launch of the refurbished Beach London space, prior to its second anniversary.