People love to claim that print is dead, but as a magazine we know the beauty of holding a tangible product in your hands that you can flick through, put down and pick back up again, there is nothing quite like it.

BACK to PRINT is a student-run publishing press working entirely from the bedroom of a South London flat, the design, print, and finish, all occurs within these four walls. The project embraces the use of print as an opportunity for friends and young creatives to publish their work. Without this kind of support, these designers typically only display themselves digitally.

All issues and prints are priced per page or by number of colours. BACK to PRINT funds itself – the project is about creating accessible artwork rather than making money and it’s these kind of grass roots projects, run from bedrooms, that will keep print alive!

If you would like to get involved with the project, drop them an email through the website contact form, as they are interested in artwork of all mediums.

You can check out what they’ve already produced on their online shop or LIKE them on Facebook to stay updated.

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