Sean Morris – Return to Doom Lagoon

Australian artist Sean Morris is over in Europe this week to open his new solo show at Watdafac Gallery in Madrid on Thursday 18th April.

“Return To Doom Lagoon” is a show of new prints, sketches and murals by Morris. It’s a continuation of the character-based strangeness that he has has gained a reputation for – this time we are introduced to the girls of ‘Doom Lagoon’ and their colourful, mildly satanic adventures in bikinis and jean shorts.

Like previous collections of Morris’ work, the narrative of the show is formed by a kind of social thought experiment, speculation on the outcomes of forcing people into extreme and isolated social situations. In the case of “Return To Doom Lagoon”, those outcomes involve amphibian sacrifice, tropical fruit worship and drinking cocktails out of human skulls.

The exhibition will double as a launch of a book, also titled “Return To Doom Lagoon” published by Watdafac and featuring the print work from the show.