Video of the day – Eat Street Breathe Art

MeLikePainting presents: project “Eat Street Breathe Art” at the 3 day Art & Living Fair expo in Ahoy Rotterdam. A live paint where 12 Dutch cream of the crop street & lowbrow artists went into a 24 hour lock down. An all white room was the canvas. They want to show the effect art has on its surroundings.

Artists involved were Robert Rost, Lennaert Koorman, Baschz Leeft, Felix Spanjaard, Lucky Dubz, Venour, Codex Inferno, Leyp, Pinwin, Zender and MeLikePainting – the whole project was sponsored by Liquitex.

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Movie of project: EatStreetBreatheArt. from MeLikePainting on Vimeo.