Mr. Penfold hits Australia…

We caught up with Cambridge boy, Mr. Penfold on his recent visit to Australia for a few quick questions about indigenous art, travel and those funny sausage noses…

What’s up with the weird noses?

Haha I get this question every time. The nose has changed a lot over the years, The original started off as a sausage stuck to the face, but the shape has been simplified down over the years. I like the challenge of getting the line done in one go, getting it perfect can be tricky, so its more about the pleasure of getting it right first time.

More jump off after the jump off!

Why did you choose to come to Aus? (apart from the weather?)

Over the last 2 summers, both Numskull and Beastman visited London on their honeymoons and we met up and painted some bits together. Since then we’ve been talking about ideas for shows both in the UK and over in Aus. The guys suggested I come do a solo show in Sydney, so obviously I jumped at the idea of 2 weeks in the sun.

Tell us about the White Canvas Project…

I was aware of the first WCP they put on a few years back, but was out of town at the time and was super gutted to have missed it. It’s not often you get an event of that calibre happening on your doorstep. Earlier this year Dave from SupremeBeing asked if wanted to take part in the 3rd event. It was an amazing experience, almost like living in an artist commune for a long weekend.

Is indigenous art something you consider in your own creative outlets? What does it mean to you, personally?

I’ve never really looked into aboriginal art it for inspiration, I saw a few galleries whilst I was over and yeah… It’s incredible. Some of the techniques and natural colour palettes are beautiful.

What was the driving force behind your recent Bric-A-Brac show in Sydney?

I think the main force behind the show was the excitement of showing my work to a new audience. It was quite daunting in some repects because my work has been moving more towards a slightly more abstract style, and it’s not what people might expect from me.

What projects have you got lined up for 2013?

Lots more painting, printing and possible a show or 2. My new years resolution every year is to travel more… I plan to do so!

Any shout outs?

Big ups to Numskull, Beastman and Roach for curating the show and inviting me over.