Shepard Fairey – Sound & Vision.

Last Friday saw the opening night of Shepard Fairey’s long awaited UK show ‘Sound & Vision’; having not exhibited here since 2007 the hype and the buzz around it was palpable all week, helped by the fact that new pieces were popping up over London every day and tongues were wagging excitedly.

With word spreading that up to 4,000 people had RSVP-ed to the event everyone seemed eager to get down there as soon as possible in anticipation of a long queue – well we weren’t disappointed on that front, there were huge numbers of people queuing, some for hours and hours, but was it worth it when you got in?

The sheer scale of the show was something London hadn’t seen for a while, with hundreds of pieces hanging from the walls, three floors and two venues, it was definitely awe inspiring, however a number of people seemed slightly disappointed by the predictability of the pieces. It it true to say there weren’t any revelations or shockers but that’s what you get with an established artist with an established style. So the cocktails and the beers flowed, Shepard Fairey himself spun the tunes and the art held it all together.

Check out this video of the evening by Tee Byford ..

Shepard Fairey Sound&Vision from TEARLACH on Vimeo.