We caught up with VNA issue 20 featured artist DeeDeeKid in his bedroom to find out a little bit more about the young artist.

At only 22 Niklas Coskan aka DeeDeeKid is still at an early stage of his career. Born in Herne, which is located in Germany’s former coal mining area the Ruhrpot, it is no wonder that one of his main topics is morbidity. His fresh, high quality output and the tremendous quantity at which he has delivered it in the last six years can only be explained by his young age – living his dream and having a lot of fun with it. A year ago DeeDeeKid moved to Berlin to study at the Berlin University of Arts and to work as a freelance illustrator and artist in this creative metropole.

You can read more from him in VNA issue 20.

Filmed by Editude Pictures.

VNA x DeeDeeKid from editude pictures on Vimeo.