Kaleidoscope International Creative Festival London

VNA are the proud media partners of Kaleidoscope International Creative Festival. It will be an inspirational week of sensory overload with appearances from some of the world’s most influential creative professionals, including international artists, designers, illustrators, filmmakers, animators, photographers. The debut event hits London this November 24th – 28th, for a week-long program of insightful artist talks, gallery exhibitions, networking events and hands-on workshops.

This promises to be a must-attend event for any aspiring student, emerging artist, designer or industry professional looking for that inspirational kick. It’s an opportunity for festival-goers to come and interact with creative visionaries who use their power of influence to improve the world and as a result, walk away with a fresh perspective viewing their own work and life in entirely new ways. Their aim? To inspire others to do something great.

However events like this don’t come cheap; and devastatingly one of the three organisers Timba Smits was the victim of a horrific knife crime in London last year which put him out of work for 11 months and cost him his life savings in rehab and living costs. So to aid the funding of this event, they need a little help from you – the creative community. You can find out more about Kaleidoscope, Timba’s story and how you can donate HERE at their Indiegogo page.

At the top of the page, just under the video you’ll see Facebook & Twitter buttons – if you don’t have the funds to donate anything at the moment please just give these buttons a click as the more people whose attention can be brought to this page in the next 48 hours the better!

Check out more about Kaleidoscope Creative Festival HERE
Donate and read more about their inspirational story HERE

Our Super Duper Kaleidoscope Indiegogo Funding Pitch from KALEIDOSCOPE FESTIVALS on Vimeo.