Bei Badgirl – Kawaii As Fuck

Bei Badgirl is a real-life Asian fantasy. Her candy-cane artwork carries the curvy sexuality of Miss Van, or Fafi, with seedier sexual overtones – bondage features heavily, alongside candy cane colours and strange Pokémon-style creatures on leashes. She’s recently returned to Australia from shows in the UK, we caught up with her ahead of this year’s charity art event, Sidewayz, to talk about bad bitches and cute stuff.

What inspires you to make the art you do?

Is it too obvious to say my personal interests? Shortlist: Cartoons, bad bitches, female mythology, kawaii culture, the internet, ‘the girl condition, cute food, shiny stuff, etc…

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You seem to balance out sexy, kinky and cute in pretty equal measures, is this reflective of your personality?

Hahaha, maybe…

Your whole image is so bubblegum-pop kawaii, is it hard to maintain this?

Only in the rain – it messes up my weave.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in Asia?

The weirdest? I’m Asian myself, so I think some stuff goes under the radar for me. But I did find this stationary range of a sad, balding, old man cross dressing in a schoolgirl outfit a little too much – mostly because of the context. Plus he looked so depressed! I also had a giggle at Condomania, Tokyo – if you ever want cute-ass teddy bears all over your rubbers you def need to check it out, haha.

You were recently over in London working at ZeroCool Gallery, did you find it quite a shock to the system in terms of artistic dynamics, or pretty similar to Aus?

To be honest, I was willingly locked up in the Wellington Club’s dungeon for almost the entire time I was there, so I’m not sure if I have the best grasp on London art dynamics in it’s entirety. I had an amazing experience working over there though and ZeroCool Gallery are too, too awesome!

Can you explain your motto ‘Just be cute and don’t worry’?

Take it easy! Forgive yourself, forgive others, don’t sweat the small stuff. You can resolve your worries and achieve much more with greater ease when you aren’t feeling overwhelmed and troubled. Be the best you that you can be – follow your heart’s desire. Your dreams are worth it.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?

Right now? LA! All my hoes are there! And I love all the palm trees and California-ne$$ in general. Dreamy sigh!

What do you think of the Sidewayz show?

Hella, hella cute! You can never go wrong with putting art on decks. I’m excited for it – it will be my first time painting a board!

Tell us about your Sidewayz board..

Did you know that albino dolphins are actually pink???? How cute is that! I totally died when I found out!!!!!!

Check out the Sidewayz show here:

Go look at Bei’s website for more rad cute stuff: