Alex Lehours – Le Coq Sportif

Alex Lehours is a hugely talented, massively prolific artist, designer and illustrator. Originally born in the UK, he emigrated to Australia at a young age, where he promptly got amongst it.

Lehours is pretty French-sounding, what’s your family background?

Lehours is a French name. My dad is French and my mum is English. Both my brother and I were born in England (Maidenhead, 40 mins outside of London) and we moved to Australia when I was 4. A bizzare mix dont you think??

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What do you do? Explain what the different aspects of your work are…

I am an Artist and Illustrator. I freelance full-time as an artist covering anything from illustration work for bands, posters and skate decks to paintings, t-shirts and murals. I work with a few different mediums including pencils, pens, paint, water colours and aerosols. I also have my own web shop where I sell my limited edition t-shirts that I release every few months. I like to cover myself in all sorts of art and try not to stick to one particular thing.

What are your biggest passions?

Art is my biggest passion. Next in line would be Football! Or soccer, as we know it here, and my beloved Arsenal!

Tell us the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?

I don’t know how crazy it is but it was bloody embarrassing! During my time at TAFE I had to wear a PVC mask, black hot pants and whip and performed a striptease at Enmore Theatre – there is even a video to prove it… I wont explain anymore and let your imaginations run wild!

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to someone – broken hearts or broken bones?

I stole some garden gnomes once. Im sure the former owner’s were pretty devastated.

Do you have a life motto you live by?

Just to live day-to-day… Let whatever happens, happens, and enjoy each moment in between!

You recently did a ‘Happy Stoner’ t-shirt print, do you feel Sydney has a bit of a ‘wasted youth’ scene in terms of drugs?

I did just release The Happy Stoner Limited Edition t-shirt and it wasn’t my intention to comment on an issue like that, but maybe it should have been! There is a lot of wasted youth in terms of drugs but I don’t think it’s just restricted to Sydney… BUT if it means I can sell a few more tees, then I’m happy!

What’s the inspiration for your work?

I love what I do and I love the fact that I have the freedom to do it on a day-to-day basis while making a living from it.

It’s a bit clichéd, but if you could paint with anyone else, alive or dead, who would you choose?

Growing up, my favourite classical artist was Peter Paul Rubens from the 17th Century Baroque Period. To be able to see a master working in the flesh and watch his techniques and methods would be something special.

What projects do you have lined up next?

I have recently signed with Just Another Agency and I am sure that will lead to some very exciting times ahead. I have other projects in the works but I wont say anymore than that. Keep tuned to find out more

Any shout outs or big ups?