Exclusive photos from the Herakut installation and preparations going on right now at 941 Geary and White Walls. The German duo are focusing more on large scale paintings and less on installation. The show “Loving the Exiled” focuses on kinship, loving the ones around you, the ones you are grateful for, and the ones you find yourself loving by pure¬†spontaneity. The realistic eyes hooking the audience and bringing attention to the imagery and text. Strong bold characters often wearing different hats with different moods intertwined with texts from poets, song writers, and comedians flowing through the paintings.

There will be approximately 15 large scale paintings that will fill the white walls of 941Geary in the Tenderloin, SF. The opening will be from 6-9 this Saturday April 21st. If you’re in the bay area, make sure to get to this show! It’s up until May 29th.

There are so many good pieces, I can’t decide which is my favorite.