Thursday Evening

As we prepare our bodies for the onslaught of free alcohol and art appreciation that Thursday has in store for us, I thought I’d provide a brief rundown of what’s on offer in London tomorrow night.

Sickboy – Heaven & Earth
VNA 14 cover artist Sickboy opens his latest show at Number Six, Dray Walk. As well as an entirely new body of work, you can expect to see installations created in collaboration with some of the biggest names in Street Art & Graffiti, incuding D*Face, Eine, Anthony Lister, Conor Harrington and a whole host of others. As if this wasn’t impressive enough you will also be able to clamber into a confessional booth and regale your naughtiest stories (anonymously of course) to a Pastor, as part of one of the main interactive installations entitled CONFESS. All I’ve got to say is beware of eavesdroppers and alcohol induced verbal diarrhoea.
Full event info.

Read on for more of our recommendations, in no particular order..

Carl Partridge – Relics
Beach London will be playing host to the debut solo show by illustrator Carl Partridge. Expect light hearted, bright, pop-influenced collages inspired by times gone by.

FAILE – Fragments of FAILE
Lazarides Rathbone will be welcoming a new exhibition by prolific posse FAILE. With work on show from their own personal archive this show provides ‘an intimate counterpart to FAILE’s recent large-scale explorations of religious motifs while drawing out less obvious threads in their practice, from subtle gradations of color and pattern to a conscious removal of clear identities in order to explore archetypical structures beneath.’ Looking forward to seeing how this translates visually!

Evan Hecox – Borough & Lane
Showcasing new works on paper, Evan Hecox graces the walls of Stolen Space with his artistic interpretations of the city of London, specifically the less travelled back streets and those areas which used to be home to industrial and working-class landscapes. From Shoreditch and Camden to Brixton and Battersea, he explores London in a unique way, presenting his insight into the mood and atmosphere of the city.

Specimen – Group Show
Something a bit different not to miss is a show entitled ‘Specimen’, happening against the quirky back drop of the Dead Dolls Club on Well Street. ‘Specimen’ explores and deconstructs the body through print, collage and installation. From anatomical structure right down to microscopic cells, three emerging artists, Jennie Webber, Polly Alizarian Harvey and Rebecca Hiscocks investigate and celebrate the varied mysteries and anomalies that occur naturally within humans and animals. Referencing historical science and surrealism, ‘Specimen’ reveals the magic that can be found under the surface of the skin.

This promise to be a weird and wonderful exhibition, definitely not to be missed!

Kids Love Ink – Day of The Dead
If that isn’t enough choice for you, and you feel your evening wouldn’t be complete without a tattoo then head over to Kids Love Ink on Cheshire Street to celebrate the origins of those ever popular Sugar Skulls. The Mexican holiday ‘Day of The Dead’ honours and remembers deceased adults every year on November 2nd, so in light of this these tattoo gurus are going to be throwing a little party. Discounted tattoos will be on offer from some selected sheets of Mexican style tattoos, book early to avoid disappointment – //

Some of us from the VNA team will also be celebrating the culmination of New Era’s recent ‘New Era Introducing’ campaign which saw artists from all around the world try and design a very different style of cap. But more on this tomorrow..