New Additions to the Shop

When a VNA magazine just wont do and you want to wear your love for us, or stick it all over your laptop and local lamp posts what do you do? Head to our online shop and get your hands on one of our new, VNA t-shirts or sticker sheets!

The tee’s are black Gildan and come in sizes small through to XL with our VNA logo printed in white onto them; we’re just hoping we don’t all go out wearing them at the same time or we will look like real Art Fags.. which moves us onto the next new addition…

The Art Fag sticker sheet, in all the beautiful colours of the rainbow. These stickers are die-cut vinyl featuring the VNA logo, but are limited to 100 sheets. When you purchase one you will also receive 3 larger classic VNA black and white logo vinyl stickers.

Both products have free shipping ‘cos we are nice like that.

It’s time to let VNA take over your life.