TrustoCorp "Life Cycle" at Opera NYC

VNA favourites and botherers of lampposts throughout the US, TrustoCorp are having their biggest gallery show to date, opening this week at NYC’s Opera Gallery. Displaying the collectives trademark brand of humour and satire, the show features new work commentating on the state of America and American culture.

Expect the usual mix of acerbic humour regarding the US financial system, life expectancy in inner city neighbourhoods alongside some good old fashioned vulgarity. After a summer of street projects ranging from  fake bus stop ads for “The Real Housewives of Baghdad” to illegal billboards for “Drive Thru Lipo Suction”,  the show examines the experience of growing up and dying American with four installations representing childhood, puberty, adulthood and death.

With the American Life Cycle as a jump off point, TrustoCorp brandishes satire and criticism through a range of over 50 works including stained glass windows, giant board games, kiddie rides, fortune tellers and vintage arcade games.

While the work comments on the experience of growing up American, it also seeks to explore the life cycle of the US nation as whole. In a time of economic disparity and record breaking wars, TrustoCorp  references the birth, rise and inevitable fall of the American Empire.