SheOne talks 'White Canvas Project'

Last night was certainly a busy evening for the East London art scene, but thankfully the VNA team were able to make it down to the launch of ‘White Canvas Project’ before too many free beers were consumed along the trail. The show was a collaboration with Supremebeing and featured work by Mr Jago, Will Barras, David Walker, Bue the Warrior and SheOne, who also curated it. We were lucky enough to sit down with SheOne, drink some cider, care of the event sponsor Kopparberg, and have a little chat about the exhibition..

How did the whole project come about?

I got involved when I met David from Supremebeing and he was with Dave Walker, one of the artists; they were knocking around this concept about making an art project and asked me if I’d be interested. Then they told me we were going to spend a long weekend in a secret location in the countryside painting and having BBQ’s and bonfires, so I said ‘yes definitely, I’m up for that!’. We didn’t really know what we were letting ourselves in for but luckily the five artists involved were all quite good friends already so we had a great creative weekend, all spurring eachother on to get out of our comfort zone and make something different. The concept of working on salvaged furniture and car parts was really interesting because none of us knew what we were going to paint until we got there; there was just a big heap of salvage and you just had to pick through it and see who was going to paint what. It worked out really nice.

Were there fights over who wanted which piece of salvage?

Not really no, people just kind of naturally gravitated. Then someone would paint something really nicely and everyone else would think ‘ah I wish I’d painted that’. It was all good though.

So everything was created over one weekend?

Well it was two weekends because we did one and all really enjoyed it so asked if we could do another one, so a month later we went back and had another weekend. The second time we decided to take it a bit easier on the partying and concentrated a bit more, as by then we had a date confirmed for the show so we felt the pressure to work hard and it was all a bit more serious and we were confronted with the reality of getting it all done in time. We are all really pleased with how it’s turned out and are very happy to be showing together, it’s a great group.

How many pieces did you personally do?

I’ve got about 7 altogether, a few pieces of furniture, an upside down cross which I’m particularly pleased with and a 1960’s land rover car bonnet which I really like. It’s been good as it’s made me produce work I wouldn’t have produced in my studio, so it got me out of my comfort zone.

What’s next for SheOne?

I’ve got 3 paintings to finish for Art Basel in Miami in December, and I’ve got to get through tonight obviously!

For a full article please turn to page 88 of your VNA 16, or alternatively visit their website. The show only runs until the 17th October so be sure to head down to 81 Leonard St EC2A 4QS to check it out!