Urban Art Auction

Inkie’s clearly not content with slamming out one of the biggest permanent street art installations in the world. One of the key conspirators in the global takeover of street art, he’s started pulling bricks out from the bottom of the stack, lining up a huge roster of highly-respected artists to build a homegrown art auction for the masses.

It’s not all about the papes either, as all the work is donated for the cause and 50% of the monies go towards Inkie’s charity of choice, Temwa, a firm favourite amongst Bristol-based artists such as Mr. Jago, Dicy and FLX.

Tickets for the auction are fifty sheets, but bang-for-bucks ratio is high on this one, you get a 3-course meal at West London’s finest gastro-pub, with a big ass party afterwards featuring London’s finest DJ’s, including the Scratch Perverts, Stanton Warriors & DJ Die – Laminate Radio.

It really doesn’t get much better, pick up tickets from Paradise, or see Temwa for more info. Blesssss!