Concrete Hermit Print Collection Launch

It’s always nice to take the time to look at and appreciate work by artists you may previously not have known about, so tonight we’ll be at the launch of Concrete Hermit’s new print collection featuring work by contemporary artists that are actively involved with the process of screen print. ‘Four Floods’ will be held at Concrete Hermit’s newly reopened Shoreditch space.

Six established and emerging artists were set an open brief to generate new artwork especially designed for screen print, using a restricted palate of pink, blue, yellow, and black. The artists were encouraged to explore and challenge the possibilities of the process, clever use of layering and half-tone allows extra colours and exciting effects to be created. The exhibition will consist of the first edition of each series from the eclectic collection of international artists; Dan Sparkes (UK), Heretic (UK), Otecki (PL), Sarah King (UK), The Pit (FR) and Joe Wilson (UK).

For more information on the event and to browse and purchase prints head to Hermit Editions.