See No Evil Preview

Hot like a motherloving sauna! VNA took a trip downtown to check out the latest greatness from Inkie and co and caught up with a couple of the artists, in between drinking ziderr and snapping our necks to check out the crazy tall pieces everyone was throwing up. Here’s a few snippets of the chats we had with some of the artists:

45 RPM – We were really stressing cos it’s such a big stage. Everyone’s really stepping it up, so we went for something which is close to our hearts; big and stupid. We always like to go big and goofy, but this is really taking it to another level.

Xenz – I think the public were quite worried that all their money was just going to pay for graffiti, but these people aren’t gonna come here to try and wreck the place, they’re here to improve it and show the world. It’s just such a good vibe, you’re meeting people you’ve read about, new artists, old artists, legends and there’s no ego here.

Inkie – This is about brightening up the city. The whole reason we got TATS Cru in is cos they came here in 85 and kick-started graffiti in Bristol. Going forward, we’re looking at twinning cities and doing events in other cities, then bringing the artists back to Bristol, so each town has an artery of art going through it.

TATS Cru (Nicer, BG183, Bio) – It’s a great feeling to be such a big influence, we weren’t even really aware of that, to find that out is amazing. All of us were interested in drawing and art when we were younger, we looked up to the guys that were doing the subways and we were like ‘that’s the way to go’, we’ve been doing it now 30 years.

El Mac – I was always into art, cos my mom’s a painter. I think in ’94 I saw Subway Art, magazines like Can Control and the film The Warriors, and that all seemed really cool and exciting. It seemed like a thing of the past, but the more I started seeing what was going on then, the more I got into it. I didn’t see it coming, it was just cool, another way of painting.

Get down to check it out for yourself, events run this weekend the 19/20th August, but the artwork is a permanent installation.

See No Evil

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