StreetFest Round-Up Part 2

Yo Yo Yo!

Humblest of apologies to everyone for getting this up so late, but we wanted to give you something a little bit special… So there’s not only pictures of the super-talented artists at work, but also the chance to win an amazing, massive canvas by either Sainty or Richt.

Clocking in at 36×48″ (3×4 foot!) these bad boys took the best part of a day to put together and could be your very own to hang in your bedroom or feed to your dog.

Also drawing on the day were 45RPM, up for a jolly from Bristol, and Jess Douglas, Elfin and Candy Lo, repping for the girls.

Big thanks to Andy at Edding for sorting out all the lovely pens, good work fella!

Sorry Candy, can’t seem to find any decent shots of your piece! Let me know if you got some and I’ll ping them up.

To win one of the canvases, head over to our FB page and answer the taxing question we’ve chosen – VNA

Check out more work from the artists below:

Candy Lo
Jess Douglas

Also like to say a massive big up to all the entrants for the Fossil x Adidas Originals One Minute Masterpiece competition at SF this year.

Loads of people entered the comp, using a cutting-edge digital graffiti wall to see their imaginations instantly brought to life on screen.

VNA judged the comp, picking 10 winners to go through to the JD Sports facebook page, where people voted for their favourite piece. Considering the time the guys and gals had to complete the piece, standards were pretty high, ultimately Adam scooped the top spot and took home a whole trophy box of Adidas Originals watches.

Lucky Steetfest artists on the day got to take home a badass Adidas Originals Peathtree watch each, you can pick up yours online from JD Sports direct.