StreetFest Round-Up

Yeah, it’s taken a minute to get this up, I know, but y’all been checking Pro’s sick video edits in the meantime anyway…

So, StreetFest 2011, awesome turnout from the super-talented boys and girls that came to paint, scribble and generally represent.

Canvases looked amazing, but shots are a bit thin on the ground, so thanks to 45RPM, Sainty, Richt, Jess Douglas, Elfin and Candy Lo for holdin’ it up inside! I’ll post some pics of the canvas work when I have ’em!

Secret Wars saw an epic clash of creativity with the mighty Monorex vs. Cheba’s Weapon Of Choice Crew (Bristol) in the second round of their battles.

Bristol came with the heat and Weapon Of Choice smashed in a victory, making it 2-nil to Bristol on London home turf!

Big ups to Riff and Jimbob for representing Monorex…

…and mad respect to Sepr and Cheo for bringing home the bacon for WOC.

There was plenty of love to go around as 2-time UK Beatbox champion Reeps1 stepped up to give us a little aural treat at the end of the battle. Not forgetting the lovely Bounty for supplying the soundtrack to the session!

Outside, the artists all made it up, down and over – amazingly – bar Hicks, who got stuck in Wales.. Pretty gutted Hicksville didn’t make it, but we had more than enough talent on tap and Replete and Jive slammed out some pretty sick pieces in his place.

Unfortunately we only had one half of Best Ever – luckily it was the Best half and Omus laid it down while Ever was AWOL.

Toasters and Remi Rough did a wicked collaboration…

…Using their stripped-back new bluff buff styles to full effect with Remi’s stark abstract block work.

GM-C did some damage on this one, big fan of G’s work!

Busk and late-comer Zadok combined forces to work on this amazing flower girls x Dead-Leg piece.

They were threatening to bring in Bleach as well, but he smashed his hand up pulling off some Bruce Lee moves a few weeks back and had to sit this one out.

Andy Council’s Ouranosaurus, constructed from London landmarks earned him a lot of attention, getting picked up by Londonist blog amongst other fans (glad we dragged you out of Bristol, Andy?). But unfortunately got dogged pretty badly at the end…

Inkfetish managed to bosh out a piece for sponsors, Kopparberg, before most people had even arrived…

…And still had time to smash this crazy Japanese kid crying tears of blood whilst clutching an eyes-cream.

Blam cam through strong with his photo-realistic zombie lady to wrap up the dark-themed delights on the day.

Big thanks to Andy at Edding for making sure the canvas artists and Secret Wars’ boys didn’t run out of ink!

Also big ups to Nico and Zoe at Montana for helping out with spray paint for the boards.

Nice one Adidas for the jazzy trainer selection and thanks to Fossil for the tasty timepieces!

Photo credits – all by Wayne Moser – – apart from the Andy Council flick, swiped from Londonist.