"Out of Sight – Urban Art/Abandoned Spaces" a book by RomanyWG…

Long time supporter of VNA and part of the original group of photographers who have been contributing amazing images to VNA for years… Mr RomanyWG has got a new book out.

He very kindly sent us a copy of Out of Sight – Urban Art/Abandoned Spaces and its pretty damn dope. This is no ordinary graffiti/street art book. This book is a documentary on the writers and street artists painting in abandoned spaces all over the world. As usual, RomanyWG’s photography stands out and with artists such as BC crew, Roa, Phlem and Aryz its an epic array of work that is hidden away in old factories and mental hospitals.

Graffiti, as a crime to outsiders has never made sense… Painting a wall for fun? Risking lengthy jail terms and risking your life for a photograph of a painted train? Committing serious crime and making no money out of it??? All writers have there own reason to paint, but the underlying reason is to get their name up and to be recognised. Painting in abandoned spaces is the opposite of that. “Not all art craves attention”  as the intro says and this is a great book to showcase some of that work that many people will never see in the flesh.

The book is out now over at Carpetbombingculture

Be sure to also check out RomanyWG’s Flickr page for more impressive photography.