Margert Kilgallen at Ratio 3, San Francisco

June 26th marks the ten year anniversary to the tragic death of one of the most talented artists to come out of the bay area, Margaret Kilgallen. Margaret was one of the leading players in what is now known as the Mission School, the folk type art movement with other “Beautiful Losers” such as husband to Kilgallen, Barry Mcgee, Chris Johanson, and many other international acclaimed fine artists. Art in the Streets co curator and founder of “Beautiful Losers” showed Margaret, Barry, and many others in his famous New York city, Alleged gallery. From there Kilgallen and Mcgee grew to be some of the biggest names in the art world. Tragically, Margaret passed away due to breast cancer three weeks after the birth of their child in 2001.

The works in the Ratio 3 retrospective are comprised of  framed works on paper, and a handful of paintings on quilted canvas. This experience was unlike any other I have had at Ratio3, a small space with huge names and big crowds. The music was almost as calming as the work which would be a pleasure to spend hours looking at. The clean lines in her work are as smooth as the petals of a budding rose. My favorites would have to be between the raindrop paintings and the shoes, but the real winners are the canvas paintings with their obscure shapes, bright colors, and quirky figures.  On top of the innovative work that she did, the smooth unique design aspects and techniques used in her work make it interesting and beautiful from all angels of a room.