Channel 4's "Street Summer"…

So Channel 4 (In the UK) are going all “street” on us this summer. Apparently focusing on street dance, urban sports, spoken word, hip hop and street art.

With the UK television premiere of Banksy’s “Exit through the gift shop” and a new documntary on street art including Robbo (Get well soon big man). They have also hooked up with Don’t Panic on a competition of some kind involving £300 cash and being a part of the Don’t Panic poster packs. Heres more on that…

Step 1: Create your Street Summer piece
Your piece should represent one of the five elements of street culture which the Street Summer season is featuring: street dance, urban sports, spoken word, hip hop and street art. Write, draw, collage, sketch or render your work in any way you like. How you make this work is up to you.
Remember your piece is art but also it needs to work to promote Channel 4’s season.
The better your piece looks the more chance you will have of winning but we will accept entries on pen and paper which have been scanned or photographed. Remember the idea is what counts not your computer skills!

Step 2: How to win
To win you will need to be in the top ten by vote. These top ten entries will be judged by Channel 4 and the mentor from your area.
Remember to watch the video of the mentor as they talk about what they want to see and as one of the judges what they say counts.
The top ten entries will be featured in a wall of fame on our competition site.
Step 3: Upload to your area
When you have completed your design click on the area of the UK where you live and upload your piece to that section. It is a good idea to make sure you have uploaded your entry before voting starts otherwise you will miss out on votes. If you’re unsure which region you fall in to, please check our FAQs below.
Step 4: Boost your work
The best piece will win but you may want to boost your chance by posting your work to your blog, Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends and family to sling some votes your way.
Step 5: What You Win
You will work with the artist from your region to render your piece on a high profile wall (or maybe billboard!) in your region. The work will be up for two weeks.
Your work will feature on the Don’t Panic Poster.
Your work will feature on a postcard which will distributed across the country in Don’t Panic Packs.
You will be paid £300 for the use of your work.
You will be featured in a short film about your work.

Each part of the UK has a mentor. The London “Mentor” is graffiti Legend SER. Im not sure how a graffiti heavyweight such as SER ended up a mentor for a “Street Art” TV programme, but from the video interview it seems as though he has an open mind to street art and graffiti which is a very good thing.