A few weeks ago we put up some images from Skewville’s latest exhibition ‘Slow your Roll’ at High Roller Society; at the risk of repeating ourselves here is a quick interview we had with them alongside some of the previously blogged images from the show.

So Skewville, you’ve been monopolising street art in the US for over 10 years now and in the last few years there has been a bit more of a gallery vibe going on, is that just natural progression for street artists these days?

No and Yes. To set the record straight Skewville (including Pufferella AKA Ali Ha -Gallery Director of Factory Fresh) started Orchard Street Art Gallery in the Lower East Side about 9 years ago in 2002. We Basically started our own underground gallery to showcase our many styles of art so that when people did come across us by chance it would be magical. At least for us it was.

You guys are infamous for the cut out trainers, do you think that idea was what propelled you to fame?

No. We’ ve been knee-deep in this whole Street Art thing way before they started marketing the term, so Fame and Fortune were never even a factor.

But we were hoping that at least this interview will propel us up a notch.

Your interior installations and crazy sculptures are really impressive; can you tell me a bit about the process you have to go through to create them?

Let us first thank you for your praise and a special thanks to Google as well. But honestly, if you have seem them in person they are pretty fundamentally constructed and even more simply conceptualized.

Can you tell me about whats behind your latest exhibition in London – Slow your Roll?

You did a show called ‘Say Heck no to Techno’ in Berlin, does music influence your art generally?

The installation you are referring to was part of a group show that included live musical performances, and we have always been influenced to make art that coexists with the space it is in.

What other influences go into your creations?

Sex, Drugs and Old School Rap

It must be great to work alongside your brother; I wont ask any silly twin related questions, but does it make it harder or easier to work with someone you are so close to do you think?

Ha Ha. That is a silly twin related question.

Fair point, I’ll leave it there then! Good luck and I’m sure a lot of people will be on the lookout for some Skewville treats left behind on our London streets.

‘Slow your Roll’ runs til 24th April at High Roller Society