All a little bit "meh"

Errr….dude that’s a skateboarder not art. Yes this is true. Although it’s not any skateboarder it’s Dennis Busenitz all round awesome rider and also producer of one of the finest modern skate shoes around, the Adidas Busenitz Pro.

Ah Adidas, the brand with the three stripes and co-incidentally the sponsors of the current show at Pure Evil by Lucas Price “The Friends of Tony Romanoff” that opened last night. Not exactly  billed as a Lucas Price show in of itself, which is a very good thing given what it ‘contained’, more a conceptual installation that he helped work on that also includes some artwork (oh look Spongebob how very cutting edge!) and a lot of pairs of Stan Smith shoes under a UV light. Oh and a dummy wearing a Supreme cap.

And that’s all I can really say about it without this post turning into ranting about how a concept only works when  its execution is as equally strong. Suffice to say neither were particularly good in this case.