Skewville Roll through London

As mentioned here on the Blog, Skewville rolled into town last week for a solo show at the High Roller Soceity. I’ve been a fan of the two brothers work for a while now but seeing it in the flesh definitely gave me a fresh perspective on it.

What’s more it was good to see an artist use the space to show their work rather than simply hang some stuff on a wall. Not to say the stuff on the walls wasn’t good – there was a fantastic mix of wood cuts, mousetraps (not as crap as that sounds) and pasted hand built wooden boxes. But more than that the entire gallery floor had been painted, the inside of a door had “Beef!” printed all over it. To top it all a white-walled tyre sat in the middle of the gallery with “Slow your roll” cut into the rubber.

All in all a great show and definitely one you should check out if you’re in the area.