Skewiff Society

Quiet down London, I need to make a sound! Brooklyn art tag team Skewville are passing through L-Town this week with their first ever UK solo show at East London’s finest, High Roller Society.

Literally kickin’ it off on NYC, Skewville are perhaps best know for their hand-painted wooden sneaker missions. They’ve been backhanding popular street art culture for over a decade now, prompting themselves not to over-egg the pudding with the motto ‘Slow Your Roll’, to remind them exactly why they started out in the first place. Reclaiming the gallery spaces, as they’ve reclaimed the streets, Skewville are sending out a clear message about the rise of consumerism and the loss of counter-culture.

The show features a retrospective of their work over the past few years, alongside some tight new work that you won’t want to miss. Go and check it (yourself) before you wreck yourself.

Gallery hours: Thu-Sun 12-6 pm (and by appointment)
Unit 10 Palmers Road, London E2 0SY

+44 (0) 208 981 8177