Letter Love

As big fans of graffiti and street art almost all can agree there lies a deep love for type. There is something very beautiful and unique about all the different ways one is able to write a letter. Here in San Francisco, one of my favorite galleries, Gallery Hijinks, has provided me with a show that understands and compliments the love of letters in the group show to tell your mom about, “The Letter Collector”. Artists included are Mike Giant, Casey Gray, Mark Warren Jacques, Hannah Stouffer, Chris Blackstock, Erik Otto, Yellena James, Kyle Jorgensen, Pakayla Biehn, Seth Neefus, and many many more. The gallery even had an actual letterpress to salute their love to the letter! Cheers to that!

Mike Giant

Casey Gray

Kyle Jorgensen

Kyle Jorgensen

Yellena James

Hannah Stouffer