Josh Keyes "Evacuation"

EvacuationI know it’s easy to get cynical with all these fund raising events and prints happening left, right and centre. But this one caught my eye for a few reasons – firstly Josh Keyes is a sublime artist and second $10 (or a third if you prefer) of the $30 for this 8×10 print goes direct to Doctors Without Borders (that’s MSF for those outside the US).

This unsigned edition will be available March 22nd through March 29th, 2011.  Although it’s unsigned, like all Tiny Showcase editions the  reverse side of each archival print has been hand-stamped with their authentication insignia and hand-numbered. Prints ship with a corresponding numbered certificate of authenticity that has been hand-stamped with the edition’s date and intitialed by the head of Tiny Showcase’s in-house print studio. The archival artwork has been printed on a 290gsm natural white printmaking paper.

And really for $30 it’s hard to quibble. Grab yours here to gain a lovely little print and help out a worthy organisation who do work in conditions you or I would run a mile from: