Greg Simkins – Inlie @ Gallery1988

Now for something a lil different from the norm.

The recently opened “Inlie” show at Gallery1988 is pretty much my idea of a perfect show. For one, it took inspiration from Richard Adam’s brilliant book “Watership Down” (if you didn’t cry at the animated version you frankly have no soul).

Then G1988 let graff artist and illustrator extraordinaire Greg “Craola” Simkins (piece above) curate the show, bringing together a clash of styles and artists that created a stunning body of work. From Nate VanDyke to Craola via Joe Ledbetter, Anthony Ausgang, Jeff Soto, Jeremy Fish, Meggs and more the list reads like a “who’s who” of the lowbrow scene.

Congrats to Jensen, Greg and the Gallery1988 gang for producing a jaw-droppingly good show. Time for more galleries to step up their group shows methinks – this one has set the bar seriously high. And I really need to speak to my bank manager, or win Euromillions on Friday!

Jeff Soto “Rabbit”

Fred Harper “Up or Down”