Frank's Chop Shop

Ah haah, we ran into these boys back in Berlin when we rolled through Bright back in January!

These jokers were bowling out of the toilet getting eyeballed by Security for smoking suspect ‘cigarettes’ in the public cubicles when we met them. I doubt anyone else either had the balls, or initiative, to try it and I’m pretty sure no other cats coulda slid past with just a ‘I-know-what-the-fuck-you-guys-are-up-to’ look from the guard…

So we found them a little high, a little burnt out from the night before, and ahead of their game.

Mike was giving it the big chat to anyone in reach and everyone else was chopping tight cuts with super sharp, expensive looking razors and dishing out their signature clipper cuts – a haircut and shave with no scissors at all!

In New York, this is THE only barber shop you ever need to know. Everyone in town gets their shit hooked up at Frank’s, from Grand Puba to The Siren Girls, these guys ain’t hairdressers, they’re frickin’ artists!

Hit ’em up!