Voina art group explained and interviewed by Dont Panic…

…Where does Voina fit in the current tendencies of contemporary art as well as in the context of political science and human rights?
A.P-S: Art is, first of all, a mode of thought, the ability to look at this mad world from a completely new point of view. Not to speak of the human rights, that are right out raped and crucified all over the world, so we will pass them over in silence.
O.V.: Today the innovative art-language is the only instrument to understand the xenophobic nonsense and chaos, which are around us. By our actions we depict the portrait of this crazy world. And make the world see it and get horrified. For example, our Fuck for the heir – Medved`s little Bear! – on the eve of Medvedev’s election – was a portrait of the pre-election Russia, where everyone metaphorically fucks each other.
L.N.: The language of our art is really able to resist the coming right-wing reaction. When our Dick on the Liteyniy bridge – 65 meters high, 26 meters wide, weighting 4 tonnes – rose menacingly into the windows of the FSB-KGB headquarters the authorities couldn’t find any other reply but to illegally put us away by a false accusation….

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